General Hatha Yoga testimonials

‘From my very first class with Caroline I have enjoyed Caroline’s manner, she manages to balance enthusiasm, patience, joy and a pure love of yoga into every class.  Caroline encourages mindfulness, awakening the body through the yoga poses and the power of the breath to connect mind, body and soul. I have now come to depend on Caroline’s classes to centre myself in this hectic unsettling world. Yoga really is a gift to yourself and Caroline is a gift to yoga.’ 

Melanie Bailey, South Glos

Caroline’s passion for yoga is infectious, she really is inspiring. Her classes are a powerful antidote to the stresses and strains of modern life. Each class is meticulously planned ensuring that they always run smoothly and successfully combine physical movement with spiritual well-being.’

Stella Turner, South Glos

‘I have now been attending Caroline’s yoga classes for nearly 14 years. I have found each class is different, following varied, well planned and considered themes and all thoroughly enjoyable. I have gained flexibility, back stiffness long gone and have gained serenity and improved well-being. I would recommend the classes to anyone.’

Katie Byrne, South Glos

‘I started yoga with Caroline 3 years ago. My body continues to get stronger and more flexible and the benefits are so rewarding in my daily exercise. Whatever is happening in the outside world, as soon as I hear Caroline’s soothing voice, then everything is ok. She is so passionate about yoga, she never fails to inspire and calm you. Everyone should have Caroline and her yoga in their lives.’

Vicki Furphy, Wiltshire

‘Caroline has done some 1:1 with my son who was really struggling with a back injury. He had difficulty even moving. As he plays rugby semi-professionally this was very frustrating for him. After attending Caroline’s session and doing the prescribed stretches etc. he was back playing rugby within a fortnight. He is now able to manage his back problem himself by regularly stretching’

Louise Waters, South Glos

‘I have attended Caroline’s classes for the past decade or more and have found her to be an inspiring yoga teacher, committed, conscientious and caring. One who is constantly updating her skills to maximise our benefit, maintain our enthusiasm and our safety.’

Sheila Burridge, Wiltshire

‘Caroline has been teaching me yoga for four years now. I thoroughly enjoy her classes and it is obvious how much she cares about yoga and cares about all of us who attend. Yoga has had a positive impact on my whole life both mentally and physically and I’ve got Caroline to thank for that.’

Rich Furphy, Wiltshire

‘I have been attending Caroline’s yoga classes for over 10 years and can highly recommend them. The expertise, care and professionalism she brings are second to none in my opinion. I look forward to each week and feel the benefit to my physical and psychological health. Caroline has also made a great job of porting sessions online currently and keeping the group feel.’

Carole Francis-Smith, South Glos

‘I have been attending Caroline’s yoga class regularly for at least 10 years. Her practice has helped me to become mindful and be aware of good posture/body alignment. I feel so much more supple from the exercises and often use the breathing techniques to help calm my body in times of need. Caroline has excellent updated knowledge and I feel privileged that she feeds us this whilst doing our practice’

Louise Waters, South Glos

‘With her clear, logical yoga lessons combined with warmth and positivity, Caroline has supported me on my own yoga journey to become a BWY teacher. So now, even with my own classes, I still attend Caroline’s and learn something new every time.’

Claire Sokell, South Glos

‘Caroline is a very experienced yoga teacher and I really enjoy her class.  For me it has the right balance between body and mind and I particularly like the integration of Somatics into the class. I have been taught to listen to my body rather than force my body into yoga poses and it has become an essential part of my self care and my week.’

Louise Hooper, Wiltshire

‘An inspiring teacher. Just mention the word yoga and I can hear Caroline’s
voice encouraging me to be more body aware!’

Janet Wells, South Glos

‘I have been attending yoga classes with Caroline for many years now and even during my two pregnancies. Her lessons are meticulously planned and she carefully explains how to move into each pose. She is able to adapt and modify poses for individual needs. Her yoga sessions end with deeply restorative relaxation – I only wish I could stay where I am instead of moving to go home! I thoroughly recommend her yoga classes.’

Rachel Hill, South Glos

‘I’ve been attending Caroline’s Yoga classes for around 10 years now. Caroline’s informative, clear and well considered and composed classes have made a significant contribution to the fact that I no longer need to be clicked back into place regularly by a Chiropractor.’

Tom Jacques, Wiltshire

‘I was interested in trying Caroline’s yoga class as had heard so many positive things. I was not disappointed, Caroline brings a refreshing view and depth to ‘yoga’. Not only do you achieve the moves from a physical aspect which benefits in relieving pain, and making one more supple and physically strong, the mental benefits are tangible and are explained with knowledge and intellect. The benefits from practising Yoga with Caroline is something for life not something you leave behind at the classroom door.’

Jan Webb, South Glos

I started Yoga with Caroline in class and in one to one sessions for the year before my Hip replacement and for the three months afterwards. Caroline’s knowledge and expertise have helped enormously with keeping the pain under control before the op and with successful rehabilitation afterwards. I am already back on my bicycle and look forward to getting back on my horse soon.’

Janet Harrison, Wiltshire

‘I started yoga in year 2000 after an operation. I then got the bug and eventually I found Caroline’s Class! I think it is over 15 years now, no matter how you feel when you go in to a yoga class, you always come out feeling better with Caroline. She always seems to aim it right, especially at the moment when we need grounding and centering!! Classes are well structured and Caroline is always introducing new ideas and coping with all our needs to keep it fresh.’

Julie Cann, Glos

Caroline provides a warm and supportive atmosphere and is very attentive to people’s needs. I do appreciate her vast knowledge of yoga and the sense of calm I feel when I get onto my mat. Her narrative provides information on the exercises/meditations/etc, including the background and how they are beneficial, not just to the body but the mind as well. I am grateful for all her help she has provided me and the help with my yoga practice. Thank you Caroline!’

Cheryl Kirby, South Glos

‘I am in my early seventies and have been doing yoga with Caroline for at least 10 years. The classes are always well prepared and she keeps up with all the latest yoga information enabling her to run her classes safely and explaining how all the various postures improve our well-being. Over the years my mobility has improved 100% thanks to Caroline’s yoga classes.’

Sandra Traynor, Wiltshire

‘Caroline has been my yoga teacher for 7 years. She is incredibly professional. Lessons are always well planned, explained and effective. I always leave her class feeling eased in my joints, calm and grounded. I love the integration of breathing, strength, balance and relaxation taught by a really experienced teacher who we all trust. Once you have a mat you won’t leave Caroline’s class!’

Helen Young, South Glos

‘Caroline is incredibly professional, she is totally inclusive of all abilities and extremely encouraging and thoughtful in her teaching practice she encourages you to improve your yoga understanding through her positive leadership. She is fantastic!’

Sue Enderby, Wiltshire

‘About 15 years ago when my youngest was about 9 months old and I was trying to lose the last few pounds of baby weight, I saw an article on Yoga and how it helped the editor of the piece to lose those last few pounds! Inspired by this I searched for yoga classes\teachers in my area and that is when I discovered Caroline. I have been with Caroline ever since. I feel I have been a part of Caroline’s Yoga journey, as Caroline has never stopped learning and embracing new ways and techniques and developing her understanding of yoga. During this time I have learned that there is so much more to yoga besides losing a few baby pounds! Yoga helps to maintain a youthfulness, not in as much as you look years younger, but your body and mind is as capable as it was in your youth! ‘

‘I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough, for her calm teaching manner, the science which backs up the undoubted benefits of yoga, my life would not be the same without my yoga fix with Caroline.’

Helen Bamford, South Glos


Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Testimonials

‘I started a Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs course with Caroline a couple of years ago after suffering for about ten years with almost constant lower back pain and two consecutive frozen shoulders. I followed this with a term of Somatics, and now take part in regular yoga classes once a week. The Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs is singularly the best thing I have done for myself in the last 10 years, it has helped me to completely eradicate my back pain. Caroline’s classes are friendly, relaxed and fun, she is enormously sympathetic to individual needs and provides specific adaptations where necessary to suit all abilities and limitations. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for how my body feels today and have no doubt that yoga with Caroline has hugely benefitted my back and the healing of both my shoulders which are now back to virtually 100% movement.’

Anna O’Brien, South Glos

I was first introduced to Caroline back in 2018 when I had a problem with my back. I joined her specialist ‘Yoga for Backs’ course and can honestly say that I was blown away by the results and improvement. Since then I have progressed through her Somatics course onto her mainstream Yoga classes and am now a convert to the physical and spiritual support Yoga brings to me.’

‘Caroline’s teaching is grounded in astute observation, clear instruction and demonstration and positive encouragement. Her genuine commitment to developing the practice of yoga is inspiring and enlightening. Thank you so much.’

Caroline Gill, South Glos

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in both the Healthy Lower Backs course and the Somatic course and have now started weekly yoga classes with Caroline. She is extremely knowledgeable, so encouraging and motivating and joining yoga classes with her has been the best thing ever for me both physically and mentally. I would highly recommend these classes, you’ll love them!’

Hayley Jackson, South Glos

‘I came to Caroline in 2019 with a long term painful lower back, struggling with headaches and couldn’t find anything to help with reducing my daily pain, I had spent out on chiropractors, sports massage,etc. I started with Caroline for lower back classes and learnt how to manage my pain and gained techniques that I could use daily at home, work or even in a queue. After the course with Caroline I then took away these techniques and follow these weekly and add additional positions on days that my back is typically struggling. These techniques are instant release meaning I can apply 20 mins into the practice and enjoy my day.’

Jo Clark, South Glos